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New Years Plastic Surgery Specials

Our New Year’s Plastic Surgery Specials!

It’s a whole new year and we’re launching it with huge savings on our most popular minimally invasive procedures and cosmetic treatments. Make 2022 Your Year!

Laser Neck Lift Facelift Plus Non-Surgical Facelift (Specialized Fat Grafting)

Dial back the years with this minimally invasive Laser Neck Lift Plus Non-Surgical Facelift with Specialized Fat Grafting to fill lost volume.

The minimally invasive OperaLift is the perfect option for those who wish to regain a more youthful appearance without major surgery or a long recovery. And during our New Year’s Special, you can dial back the years for only…


Eyelid Surgery with Browlift, Plus Small Volume Fat Transfer for the face

New Year's Plastic Surgery Specials on Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery
The LJO Browlift

Now ONLY $4,500!

Add Small Volume Fat Transfer Natural Filler for Facial Lines and Creases.

Now ONLY $1,400!

TCA Facial Peels

The Non-Invasive cosmetic treatment that completely refreshes and renews your facial skin condition and appearance!

TCA chemical peels are a great way to smooth the skin and improve its texture. Tricholoroacetic acid, (TCA) is a chemical that resurfaces the skin or epidermis by denaturing proteins. This results in “desquamation” or sloughing of cells and stimulating the regeneration of new, more youthful skin cells in their place. Fine lines and wrinkles especially in areas around the mouth, sun spots and brown spots around the face can all be significantly improved with a TCA Peel.

New Year’s Plastic Surgery Special for a Partial Face TCA Peel
ONLY $900!

New Year’s Plastic Surgery Special for a Full Face TCA Peel
ONLY $1,500!

Laser Lipo Body Sculpting

The SlimLipo Dual Frequency Laser Body Sculpting Platform that dissolves unwanted body fat while simultaneously tightening and smoothing the skin in the treated areas!

Start 2021 with BIG discounts on the MOST EFFECTIVE body sculpting procedure available!

Dr. Lewis J. Obi is one of the FIRST plastic surgeons in the WORLD to integrate the SlimLipo laser into his practice. He was also involved in developing the dual band laser which dissolves fat and tightens the surface of the skin in treated areas.

SlimLipo for the Abdomen and Sides

New Year’s Plastic Surgery Special for SlimLipo for the Abdomen and Sides
ONLY $4,900!

Complimentary 3D Virtual Imaging

During your consultation at Obi Plastic Surgery, you will also receive 3D Vectra Imaging of the areas you are interested in enhancing. You will get photographed with the Vectra 3D Camera and your 3D virtual image will be adjusted accordingly based on your goals. This will give our doctors a clear understanding of the enhancements you are interested in and will allow you to see your results before your procedure.

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