Microneedling Jacksonville, FL

Vivace RF Microneedling at Obi Plastic Surgery

RF Microneedling at Obi Plastic Surgery

Experience the benefits of the most advanced RF fractional microneedling system available today!

Advanced Fractional Microneedling in Jacksonville, FL with Vivase Microneedling

While microneedling is not necessarily a new treatment that can improve the texture and firmness of skin, reduce the appearance of scars, pore size, and stretch marks, it has taken a dramatic turn for the better with the industries newest and most advanced microneedling system.

What it is

Microneedling, (also known as “Collagen induction therapy”) is a minimally-invasive treatment that rejuvenates the skin by using numerous fine needles to create tiny, shallow, (.5mm to 3.5mm) punctures in the top layer of the skin. This triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin which helps to improve the appearance of the skin.

Enhanced Microneedling with AAPE

While Vivace is already the gold standard in Microneedling, the results of your treatment can actually be further enhanced with an “AAPE” mask immediately following your microneedling treatment. While PRP, (Platelet Rich Plasma) is often used in other microneedling treatments, Dr. Obi prefers the added strength and benefits of AAPE. AAPE is an abbreviation for “Advanced Adipose Protein Extracts”. AAPE is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins. This unique protein formula maximizes the revitalizing capabilities of your own skin. Additionally, the AAPE Mask penetrates deeper into the skin than PRP.

Microneedling in Jacksonville Florida at Obi Plastic Surgery

How Long are Treatment Sessions & Recovery Times?

Microneedling treatments take about 30-45 minutes. The Fractional Microneedling System provides the most dramatic results with virtually no pain and no social downtime. The results are both immediate and improve over time with multiple treatments. Depending on the condition of the area being treated, we may recommend a single treatment session or a series of treatments for the best results.

The advanced technology of Microneedling produces no visible signs of treatment and allows you to immediately return to your regular activities after treatment.

What Does it Feel Like?

Microneedling RF WandAs we mentioned earlier, you should expect only mild discomfort and no pain during or after your treatment. Numbing cream can be used to completely eliminate any discomfort during your treatment

What Results Should I Expect?

Results will of course depend on the condition of your skin before treatments, the number of treatments your elect to receive, and whether or not you choose to enhance your microneedling treatment with AAPE. However, after each treatment patients typically experience a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, tighter skin, a reduction in pore size and smoother, more youthful skin. Results will continue to improve with the new collagen your body will produce in the days after treatment.

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