Laser Skin Tightening in Jacksonville

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Laser Skin Tightening with Fractional Laser Treatments

Enjoy Smooth Skin and a More Youthful Appearance!

Laser Skin Tightening at Obi Plastic Surgery Skin Care Med Spa

Look as young as you feel with our fractional laser skin tightening. Reduce wrinkles and unwanted lines on your face, including around your eyes and mouth.

Just one laser wrinkle treatment can diminish the appearance of even the deepest lines, without lengthy downtime and with long-lasting results. It’s not magic! It’s powerful laser technology that breaks down facial lines and creases and helps generate new skin that’s healthier and smoother.

Laser wrinkle treatment is the treatment alternative that lets you recover in as little as four days without the pain or side effects of more invasive surgery. And best of all, with the laser wrinkle treatment you look like you… only better!

Laser Skin Tightening in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic SurgeryHow Does the Laser Treat Wrinkles?

Laser wrinkle treatment uses laser light to deliver energy, deep into the skin, generating new skin that’s smooth and even.

How Long Does One Treatment Take & Will I Need Follow Ups?

Laser Wrinkle Reduction is a single-treatment procedure that can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. You will see results after just one treatment, however the amount of improvement will depend on your skin type.

What should I Expect During and After Treatment?

Patients tend to report minimal pain to no pain. If you are highly sensitive to pain, you should discuss this with our aesthetician before your treatment. Most patients resume normal activity in as little as four days. Our skin care specialist will thoroughly explain how you should care for the treated areas after your treatment.

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