Laser Scar Removal in Jacksonville, FL

Advanced Treatment for Keloids and Acne Scars

Laser Scar Removal in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery

Experience The Freedom And Confidence Of Life Without Scars

Laser Scar Removal in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery

Fractional laser scar removal is the more comfortable alternative to surgery for acne scar removal and surgical scars, with remarkable results on any skin type, including very light and very dark skin. Pulses of fractional laser light break down scar tissue, triggering new tissue to form in its place. It’s a fast and simple procedure with little or no downtime and minimal discomfort.

If you’ve lived with scars, you know how much of an impact it can have on your life. A scar can negatively affect your self confidence, choices in clothing and bathing suits, and even intimacy. Laser scar removal in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery can eliminate your scar and allow you to get back to being you! Contact us today and have your scars completely removed.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Scar Removal?

Laser scar treatment is effective for any skin type, including very light and very dark skin. Our skin experts will determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment based on your scar(s) and where they are located on your body. There are certain areas where we cannot use our laser such as near your eyes.

What Types of Scars Can be Treated?

Laser scar treatment is appropriate for surgical and acne scars on any area of the body, including the face.

What May I Expect During & After My Scar Treatment?

Laser scar treatment uses fractional pulses of laser light to break down scar tissue which in turn helps your body generate healthy new tissue, lighten in color and have a more even texture. The procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Does Laser Scar Removal Hurt?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the scar removal procedure. Our skin care specialists will to discuss this further with you and answer any questions you have during your consultation.

Schedule a consultation at Obi Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and learn more about this exciting technology, and how it can change your life.

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