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Jacksonville Fall Plastic Surgery Specials
at Obi Plastic Surgery

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    Laser Neck Lift
    for a Smooth toned Neck.
    Now ONLY $2,500, Save $1,000!

    Neck Lift Surgery at Obi Plastic Surgery by Dr. Lewis J. ObiTake advantage of huge savings during our Fall Specials on the SlimLipo Laser Neck Lift. The amazing SlimLipo Laser that delicately and accurately melts unwanted fat and tightens skin in the treated areas to sculpt and smooth your neck.

    Completely rejuvenate the appearance of your neck at a significantly reduced fee of ONLY $2,500, A Savings of $1,000!

    Enjoy A More Natural Facial Filler
    with A Stem Cell Enhance Fat Transfer.
    Now ONLY $3,000, Save $1,000!

    Non-Invasive Facelift at Obi Plastic SurgeryWhile synthetic fillers are a great for adding volume and filling facial lines and wrinkles, there is a more natural way to accomplish the same goals.

    A Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Transfer is a much more natural way of filling lines and wrinkles and replacing lost volume in all areas of the face, including areas where traditional fillers cannot be used.

    In November, you can have 30cc of stem cell concentrated fat grafted to eliminate lines and wrinkles and regain a more youthful, fuller appearance!

    The Exclusive LJO Browlift
    PLUS Upper Eyelid Surgery.
    NOW ONLY $4,500, Save $1,400!

    Eyelid Surgery in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic SurgeryBrighten your appearance and eliminate droopy or baggy upper eyelids with this pair of procedures.

    During our 2020 Fall Specials, receive The LJO Browlift and Upper Eyelid Surgery at the same time for ONLY $4,500 and SAVE $1,400!

    Mommy Makeover
    Special Reduced Fees!

    Slim Lipo | Lifesculpt is a safe form of lipo performed under local anesthesia that melts fat and tightens the skin at the same time.If you are a Mommy who is finding it difficult to return to your former shape, the Mommy Makeover just might be the answer. The new, advanced approaches and technology our surgeons use at Obi Plastic Surgery will sculpt and tone your breasts, abdomen and even thighs and return you to your former self!

    While the mommy makeover procedure always presents a great opportunity for savings because multiple procedures are combined, we are reducing our fees even more during our 2020 Fall Specials! Use our form or call (904) 399-0905 to Schedule a consultation and learn more about the Mommy Makeover and how much you can save during our Fall Specials!

    Totally Refresh Your Appearance with
    a TCA Chemical Peel.
    NOW ONLY $1,500, Save $1,000!

    TCA Chemical Peel SpecialsThe TCA Total Face Chemical Peel is a great treatment for moderate to severe skin imperfections and during our Fall Specials, you can receive this amazing total facial peel for $1,000 below the normal fees, ONLY $1,500!

    ALL FILLERS 25% Off Second Syringe!

    Radiesse Injections in Jacksonville by Lewis J. Obi, M.D.Enjoy 25% Off the second syringe of your preferred filler during our Fall Special! That’s right, Juvederm XC, Voluma and Radiesse, all 25% off the second syringe!

    30 to 40 Units of FREE BOTOX
    with Select Procedures!

    When you elect to have a surgical or non-surgical facelift, Nose Surgery, Breast Augmentation or SlimLipo 360 of the Abdomen, you’ll receive a Special Bonus during our Fall Specials; 30cc to 40cc of BOTOX at NO CHARGE!

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