IPL Photofacial in Jacksonville

Enjoy an IPL Facial at Obi Plastic Surgery

The IPL Photofacial for Sun Damage & Superficial Veins

Obi Plastic Surgery’s IPL Photofacials offer Comfortable and Effective Results for a Variety of Skin Conditions

IPL Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery

IPL Photofacial treatments, also known as Photo Rejuvenation and Skin Rejuvenation is the process of utilizing pulsed light on the face for pigment and vessel clearance. It’s fast, easy and well-tolerated by everyone. The secret of this pulsed light’s performance lies in the dual filter technology that delivers optimally filtered wavelengths of pulsed light, for results as good as or better than those of competitive single-application lasers and allows us to provide a wide range of treatment procedures such as Vein Removal, Rosacea Treatment, Treating Dilated Vessels or “Spider Veins”, Hemangiomas, Sun Damage Repair, Melasma or brown blotches, Poikiloderma, and Angiomas on the face and other body areas. By using the industries most advanced laser technology, our patients enjoy more comfortable procedures with excellent outcomes and less downtime, and you will too.

IPL Photofacial at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville

How Does Photo Rejuvenation Work?

The IPL Laser uses specialized hand pieces that filter light to target different skin conditions such as blood vessels, skin discoloration, and pigmented lesions. Each band of the laser’s light spectrum has a wavelength that is ideal for different treatments, such as sun spot removal and vessel clearance. The photo-rejuvenation hand-piece emits pulses of light into the skin. The light is absorbed by the pigment in sun spots and by the blood in visible vessels which typically fade within two weeks after treatment.

How is the Icon’s Photo Rejuvenation Pulsed Light Different from Other Laser Platforms?

Pulsed light systems and lasers are very similar, but our advanced pulsed light system uses a much larger treatment window than most lasers. This spreads light over a wider area of skin that allows for faster coverage of the skin and quicker treatments.

What Areas of the Body May be Treated by Pulsed Light?

The only area that should not be treated with pulse light lasers is around the eyes. All other areas of the body can benefit from IPL photo skin rejuvenation including the face, neck, chest, arms, back, and legs.

What Does the Photo Rejuvenation Procedure Feel Like?

Treatments are virtually painless. The esthetician will move the hand piece that blinksĀ over your skin, sending a beam of light through your skin. All you will notice is a the flash of the light, an audible tone, and a mild sensation during each pulse.

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