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Facial Plastic Surgery

Face Surgery in Jacksonville by Lewis J. Obi M.D.


Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures at Obi Plastic Surgery

Turn back the years with Dr. Lewis Obi’s “Exclusive”, Scarless and Less Invasive Facial Cosmetic Surgery Techniques

Fat Transfer Body Contouring at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FloridaImagine Your Own Unwanted Fat being used to Naturally Enlarge and Reshape Your Breasts, or Reshape Your Buttocks!

Excess fat is our friend, when located in the right places! Using one’s own unwanted fat in a fat transfer to give a more youthful appearance to the face, hands, to reshape your buttocks, or even to naturally shape and reconstructed a breast has taken a dramatic leap forward in recent years. While fat transfer has been being performed for the last 20 years, fat survival rates in transferred fat have always been lower than desirable for most. Today, a new technology is allowing Dr. Obi to dramatically improve the survival rates of transferred fat using the Adivive | LipoKitâ„¢ Enclosed Fat Processing System enhance with a patients own Adult Stem Cells. And it has allowed Dr. Obi to safely contour a variety of areas of the face, neck and body naturally, and create lasting results for thousands of patients.

For the Safest and Most Advanced Plastic Surgery.

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