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Hani Rayess, M.D. Facial SurgeonDr Hani Rayess is a fellowship trained and board eligible facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. A native of California, Dr Rayess completed his medical education at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Following that Dr Rayess matched into an otolaryngology/head and neck surgery at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. This is where he built the foundation for a future in facial plastic surgery, spending five years focused only on surgical training in the head and neck area. During this time Dr Rayess developed a passion for the field of facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr Rayess was then fortunate enough to match with Dr Langsdon at the University of Tennessee in Memphis where he spent an additional year honing his skills in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck. There he learned state of the art procedures in facial and nasal aesthetic surgery from one of the leaders in the field in addition to performing trauma and facial reconstructive surgery at one of the busiest trauma centers in the nation. Now Dr. Rayess works with Dr Obi in Jacksonville and performs a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical facial plastics procedures.

With an eye for detail, Dr Rayess takes a unique approach to each patient tailoring his recommendations to fit their needs and desires. Dr Rayess has also published and lectured extensively in the field of facial plastic surgery on topics including complications of filler and facial implants as well as on the effects of social media. Some of his articles have been featured in top media outlets including CNN health, Medscape and webmd.

Dr Rayess’ Research is published in a wide range of journals including:

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Dr Rayess’ Publications and research studies have been features in CNN, WebMD and Medscape.

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