Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


(Deadly Mycobacterium infection in a breast augmentation)

Fifteen cases of plastic surgery performed in the Dominican Republic have been identified in five states, prompting the U.S. to issue an advisory for health care workers. –These surgical-site infections represent a serious public health problem affecting patients who opt for low-cost cosmetic plastic surgery procedures overseas, in this case, the Dominican Republic,” says ASPS Patient Safety Committee Chair C. Bob Basu, MD.

–Medical tourism may attract patients with •cheap deals,’ but unfortunately, these deals may compromise, or worse, completely ignore recognized quality and safety standards. It underscores why it is vital for patients to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is an ASPS member,” he adds. –Our members only perform procedures in fully accredited facilities that ensure the highest standards for infection control and patient safety.”

As an American board-certified plastic surgeon, I have always surpassed even the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) standards by developing the first fully AHCA licensed surgery center in Florida and our track record reflects these high standards. I have personally provided remedial care to dozens of victims related to medical tourism and confused by the lack of judgement of these patients.

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