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Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Surgery in Jacksonville by Lewis J. Obi M.D.

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Did you Know?

Fact: U.S. Plastic surgeons require about 30 minutes on average to implant silicone or saline breast implants.

Fact: Dr. Obi breast augmentation procedures require at least 1 hour, sometimes 2 to 3 hours due to his techniques and care to avoid the possibility of nerve damage and numbness and to assure more natural results.

Breast Surgery Procedures at Obi Plastic Surgery

Advanced Surgical Techniques that Produce More Natural Results with Less Bruising and Shorter Recovery Times

Dr. Obi’s objective is always to help patients enhance their breasts through the application and use of the safest techniques, that will produce the most desirable results, at the most reasonable costs possible.

Most often popular and conventional plastic surgery techniques that can be performed faster and that are less involved fall short of Dr. Obi’s goal of producing the most natural results for his patients. For this reason, rather than using outdated surgical techniques, Dr. Obi performs today’s most advanced plastic surgery techniques to assure the absolute best possible outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Obi’s history of firsts marks his commitment to great breast surgery results. He was one of the first plastic surgeons in the U.S. to integrate the use of saline implants and insertion behind the muscles, and also the use of scarless areolar (nipple) incisions to avoid noticeable scars and nerve damage to the breast or nipple. In recent years, he was one of the first plastic surgeons to integrate 3D imaging, “GummyBear” Shaped Gel Implants, introduced “Scarless Laser Breast Lifts”, and the use of silk mesh and stem cells in breast reconstruction.

Explore each of the Breast Procedures below to learn more about the difference between traditional plastic surgery techniques and the most advanced breast surgery technology and techniques performed by Lewis J. Obi, M.D.

Breast Augmentation by Lewis J. Obi M.D.Breast Augmentation

“Scarless” Breast Augmentation using Saline or Silicone Breast Implants that enhance the shape and increase the size of your breasts.

Average Cost: $5,900 – $8,900
Recovery Time: 7 -10 Days.


3D Virtual Imaging - View the results of your breast augmentation before surgeryVectra XT 3D Imaging

This amazing imaging system creates a 3D Virtual Image of you and allows you to “preview” your breast surgery results “before surgery”!


Breast Implant Plastic Surgery in JacksonvilleSilicone, Saline and the New Natrelle™ “Gummy Bear” Implants

Silicone or Saline Breast Implants are surgically implanted without creating unsightly scares.

Average Cost: $5,900 – $8,900
Recovery Time: 7-10 Days


Shaped Gel Breast Implants by Lewis J. Obi M.D.Natrelle™ Solid Gel Gummy Bear Implants

Natrelle™ now provides their “Gummy Bear” implants in both the 410 Teardrop 410 implants and the new round solid matrix implants with and without texturing. These are the most advanced and stable implants in the world. These implants are Dr Lewis Obi’s first choice for breast augmentation, revisions and breast reconstruction.

Average Cost: $8,900
Recovery Time: 7-10 Days


Saline Breast Implants by Dr. Lewis J. ObiSaline Breast Implants

Saline Breast implants are commonly best suited for younger patients and again, are implanted with NO unsightly scars!

Cost: $5,900
Recovery Time: 7-10 Days


Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement using your own stem cell rich body fatStem Cell Fat Breast Enlargement

A patient’s “stem cell rich” fat is used for moderate breast augmentations, revisions, reconstructions and for upper pole and cleavage enhancements.

Average Cost: $5,000 – $7,000
Recovery Time: 5-7 Days.


breast-procedures-main2Scarless Laser Breast Lift

This advanced procedure uses a specialized laser to tighten the skin and minimize arm pit and outer breast bulges. Implants may further enhance this procedure depending on the patient.

Average Cost: $4,000 – $5,000
Recovery Time: 3-10 Days


Breast Implants combined with Breast Lift Breast Augmentation & Lift

A surgical beast lifting coupled with the use of implants.

Average Cost: $7,000 – $9,000
Recovery Time: 7-10 Days


breast-procedures-main2Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the breasts to create a smaller size, relieve weightiness and produces perkier breasts.

Average Cost: Depends on Health Insurance.
Recovery Time: 2 – 3 weeks


breast-procedures-main2Breast Reconstruction

Exciting and advanced techniques that actually reconstruct and naturally rebuild “real breasts” with silk mesh and stem cells or use shaped gel implants.

Average Cost: Depends on health insurance.
Recovery Time: 1-3 Weeks


Breast RevisionsBreast Revisions

Advanced techniques and extensive experience allow Dr. Obi to correct and revise even the most complicated revisions.

Average Cost: $6,000 – $9,000
Recovery Time: 7-10 Days


For the Safest and Most Advanced Plastic Surgery.

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