Thursday April 3rd, 2014

Alternatives to Breast Augmentation

Historically, breast augmentation was first attempted in 1895 by Czerny who transplanted a fatty tumor (lipoma) to a breast defect. In 1904 paraffin injections and later other foreign substances including industrial silicone were attempted with disastrous results. Today there are only two safe and viable alternatives to breast implants. The first is the breast expansion device known as –Brava” which is a breast suction cup. This requires the user to apply an uncomfortable suction cup to her breasts ten hours a night for ten weeks.

brava device brava device results

My medical school classmate Dr. Phillip George owns the company and I have only the highest regards for him. However, my patients have not been able to maintain compliance with this device. Therefore, the only other viable choice is what is perhaps the most popular technique of breast augmentation in Asia. The use of autologous fat grafting in the breast was pioneered by South Korean plastic surgeon Dr. Hee Young Lee through his company MediKhan. After meeting with Dr. Lee, I was awarded the first FDA approved Lipokit/Adivive™ system in the U.S. During the past three years I have completed stem cell concentrated fat grafting on more than 200 patients.

However, Adivive™ fat grafting to the breasts requires multiple stages and only limited breast enlargements are cost efficient. This technique is primarily

Adivive results

reserved for complementing and preparing for breast reconstruction and also for facial enhancement. Recently, I joined Cell Surgical Network (CSN) of California to convert Adivive™ processed fat into Stromal Vascular Fraction (adult stem cells) for therapeutic and regenerative stem cell treatments.

Safety Considerations with Breast Implants

Perhaps the most studied medical device in medicine are breast implants. As I previously stated, I have been tracking the safety of breast implants with the FDA for 22 years (since 1992). Prominent implant surgeon Dr. Jim Baker and I were the first to compare saline implants with silicone implants more than three decades ago. The focus of my entire career has been the safety of my patients as evidenced by establishing the first fully licensed and comprehensive plastic surgery center in Florida. I have performed breast augmentation on numerous family members and equally important, thousands of my patients during my career. There are many risks with any implantable device including breast implants. These risks are fully described on the internet and I always r