Spring Plastic Surgery Specials in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery!

Spring Plastic Surgery Specials!

Get Ready for Summer with Big Savings on Our Most Advanced Plastic Surgery Procedures and Cosmetic Treatments!
Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery.

Complimentary 3D Virtual Imaging
and Initial Consultation

During your complimentary consultation you will also receive3D Vectra Imaging of the areas of your body you are interested in enhancing. You will be photographed with the Vectra 3D Camera and then you and Dr. Obi will adjust your 3D virtual image with the Vectra software based on your goals. This gives Dr. Obi a clear understanding of the enhancements you are interested in and gives you the opportunity to see your results before your procedure.

March 1st – May 31st

Breast And Body Plastic Surgery Specials in Jacksonville

Our Best Special EVER!!!

Gummy Bear Breast Implants and SlimLipo Laser Body Sculpting with FREE BOTOX!

Natrelle; the manufacturer of the famous “Gummy Bear Breast Implants” and Dr. Obi are partnering this Spring to offer AN UNBELIEVABLE SPECIAL ON COMBINED PROCEDURES! Choose from three bundled procedure options below: Choose SAVINGS on the Natrelle Gummy Bear Shaped Gel Breast Implants, Regular Gel Implants or Saline Implants!


Save Over $10,000 on The Gummy Bear Implant Bundle!

Save Over $9,000 on The Gel Implant Bundle!

Save Over $9,000 on The Saline Implant Bundle!

Click to learn about Natrelle Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Download the Natrelle 3D Breast Visualizer App! For IPhone | For Android

The Natrelle 3D Breast Visualizer app is powered by Crisilax and let’s women ‘try on’ different size breast implants to choose the look that’s right for them. Image results are for simulation only and may not reflect actual outcomes.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi is a Recognized Specialist in
The MOST Advanced Techniques for Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts and Breast Revisions

  • “Areolar Incisions” for almost invisible scaring
  • “Placed Below the Muscles” for more natural results
  • Huge Inventory assures proper sizing and desired results
  • Gummy Bear, Cohesive Gel and Saline Breast Implants

The below patient is a great example of a “Gummy Bear Breast Implant Revision combined with SlimLipo. The below single surgical session included 1.) Breast Implant Revision and Scarless Laser Breast lift using Gummy Bear Breast Implants. 2.) SlimLipo Laser Body Sculpting and Abdominal Tightening. This combined procedure is also available at reduced fees.

Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation
with “Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Breast Implants by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Gummy Bear Breast Implants by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

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Body Sculpting Specials in Jacksonville at Obi Plastic Surgery

Our “SlimLipo Only” Specials Continue!

Get ready for Summer with BIG Discounts on the MOST EFFECTIVE Body Sculpting Procedure Available!

Slim Lipo Laser Liposuction in Jacksonville

Dr. Lewis J. Obi was one of the first plastic surgeons in the world to integrate the SlimLipo laser into his practice. In fact he was involved in developing this dual band laser that actually dissolves fat and tightens the surface of the skin in the treated ares. Dr. Obi has since treated more than 1500 patients with the SlimLipo, (LifeSculpt) laser platform without complications.

Save $2,000 on TWO AREAS, or $3,000 on THREE AREAS!

Total Torso 360 ONLY $6,900!

The Total Torso 360 Procedure melts fat and tightens skin around your entire torso; front, back and sides. Eliminate unwanted fat from the tummy sides and muffin tops and back.

Thighs ONLY $5,500!

SlimLipo for the thighs allows you to sculpt and tone both thighs from the hip to the knee.

Arms ONLY $4,500!

SlimLipo for the arms allows you to sculpt and tone both arms.

Chin and Neck ONLY $2,500!

SlimLipo for the Chin and Neck allows you to sculpt and tone for a more youthful appearance.

Any Other Area!

As mentioned above, SlimLipo can sculpt almost any area, even sensitive areas like the neck and chin. If you are interested in a specific area; hips only, buttocks only, etc. Please call or use or form for “You Year” reduced fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON FEES: Everyone is different and we all have a different BMI, (Body Mass Index). Fees for SlimLipo can be more for those with a high BMI. Conversely, fees can be even lower for those with a low BMI. Fees will be provided during your courtesy consultation.

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