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Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is the leading plastic surgery center in Jacksonville providing patients with world-class attention and care from
a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. Under the direction of a renowned Jacksonville plastic surgeon, Dr. Lewis J. Obi,
our established Jacksonville plastic surgery center provides patients with cutting-edge cosmetic surgery technologies and aesthetic enhancements.

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AACS 30th Annual Scientific Meeting

Dr. Lewis Obi begins the new year as the lead presenter at the January 14th Tuesday morning session for Regenerative Stem Cell Therapies at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Obi shared three years of experience with the use of stem cell (stromal vascular fraction) fat grafting in more than 170 patients. He was introduced by Dr. Mark Berman, founding member of the California Stem Cell Treatment Center, now known as Cell Surgical Network (CSN). During this presentation, Dr. Lewis Obi shared new and innovative uses not only of adipose (fat) derived stem cells but advanced laser and plastic surgery techniques. Program chairman Mark Berman stated to Dr. Obi after his presentation: “You got the meeting off to an excellent start and the entire program was really stellar.”

After his presentation, the American Academy of Plastic Surgery journal requested permission to present his work in an upcoming issue.

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The Aesthetic Meeting 2013 New York

Dr. Lewis Obi attended the Aesthetic meeting in New York in mid April acquiring enormous information in many areas of plastic surgery. He shared his clinical experience in the areas of breast surgery, cosmetic procedures and lasers with his colleagues. Specialized courses on clinical applications of adult derived stem cells were of particular interest because of Dr. Obi’s pioneering work with the Adivive™ adult fat processing system.

Two weeks later he shared his 2 1/2 years experience with an hour long presentation at the Palomar Aesthetic Summit meeting held at the Boca Raton Resort. “The New Face of Plastic Surgery” included several pioneering procedures developed by Dr. Obi which includes the LJO Brow Lift, the OPERA Lift and new laser techniques.

Early this month Dr. Obi will be attending a work shop on the use of processed fat (stromal vascular fraction-SVF) at the California Stem Cell Treatment Center in Rancho Mirage. Founding member Mark Berman who shared the podium with Dr. Obi at the Boca symposium will be co-hosting the California event.


Dr. Lewis Obi Presents at Santa Monica Symposium

Dr. Lewis Obi Presents at Chicago/Australia Symposium



Palomar Symposium NY,NY

Dr. Lewis Obi was one of the primary speakers at the Advanced Symposium on Skin Aesthetics and Body Sculpting held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square on Saturday, May 19, 2012. In his 183 slides and videos, Dr. Obi shared his results of more than 500 patients over a 42 month period. Advanced surgical and non-surgical procedures were shared with his large audience of aesthetic surgeons from the U.S. and abroad.

He is scheduled to present again at another Advanced Aesthetic Symposium on June 9 in Fort Lauderdale. Last year Dr. Lewis Obi lectured at six major symposia and meetings. He is not only active in sharing his experience with his colleagues but he is currently involved with many active clinical research projects in the area of stem cell fat and lasers.


Dr. Lewis Obi, founder of the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic, is a highly respected and experienced board- certified plastic surgeon in Jacksonville. After receiving a pharmacy degree from the University of Florida and serving in the Marine Corps, he continued his education by completing medical school at the University of Miami while a practicing Pharmacist. He then completed a rotation internship in the U/S. Navy and became licensed to practice medicine. Residences in general surgery to plastic surgery were followed by certification as a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Always on the cutting edge of medicine, Dr. Obi has long been considered the quintessential Renaissance man, one who understands the value of innovation, change and progress. A pioneer in his field, Dr. Obi created the first comprehensive licensed ambulatory surgery center for plastic surgery In the State of Florida. Dr. Obi believes medicine is truly an art and all the various specialties plastic surgery stands out symbolizing medicine's contribution to art.

A life-long personal love of art and beauty, expressed through the international art firm of Obiarts, Inc. has won Dr. Obi a unique nomination as a Fellow to the Royal Society of Art in London. Dr. Obi and Obiarts have donated world class art to many universities and museums throughout the United States. As a high school dropout starting his life in the Marine Corps at age 16, he has a remarkable successful life journey, as an accomplished plastic surgeon, art philanthropist, patron and collector of world class art, marathon runner, martial arts competitor, teacher, trainer, lecturer and researcher of new technologies. Dr. Obi has always strived to live life and perform his craft in an artful way. His attempts at defining what art is or means have been diverse and numerous. Dr. Obi quotes one of his favorite artists, American Modernist Manierre Dawson, "Art is a human invention. 'Art' as a word for us to use, describes the invention of that part of creation that is man."



Dr. Lewis Obi introduced his innovation, the Opera Lift at an advanced aesthetic symposium in Orlando. You may read details of the Opera Lift™ on our website: ObiPlasticSurgery.com. It is a non-surgical facelift procedure which includes neck tightening with the SlimLipo laser, Adivive Stem Cell concentrated fat grafting to the face (3D Spacelift) and Botox to the forehead. The Opera Lift Minor may be performed for under $5000 with a down time of 2 to 3 days. This technique is unique to Dr. Lewis Obi who is trying to share his talents with his colleagues with back to back lectures in Orlando and New York.


Dr. Lewis Obi shared the podium at an Advanced Symposium with Dr. Mark Berman on October 15th. During the previous day Dr. Obi was privileged to witness new clinical applications of stem cells derived from adult fat. Dr. Berman has worked with Dr. Lee of South Korea and Dr. Yoshimura of Tokyo for the past three years in developing this new technology. Palomar provided Dr. Lewis Obi with the first FDA approved system in January of this year. The Adivive system combined with the SlimLipo laser platform has allowed Dr. Obi to perform total non surgical face and neck rejuvenation at a reduced cost and with less down time. Our next blog will feature the new Opera Lift Procedure developed by Dr, Lewis Obi.


"The New Facelift in the New Economy: Combining Modalities for Customized Results" is the title of his presentation. The application of two important tools unique to the Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons armamentarium includes the Palomar LifeSculpt (SlimLipo) platform and the newly introduced Adivive Fat Processing Unit.

In addition to his Denver presentation, Dr. Lewis Obi is also scheduled to deliver another presentation at an Advanced Body Sculpting Symposium in Santa Monica, CA on October 15th.

During these presentations, Dr. Obi will unveil the new "Laser-Stem Facelift™". This highly advanced approach will allow patients to experience significant facial and neck rejuvenation with most patients returning to work within 3 days. The first 15 patients will be provided with complimentary Botox and/or a free Clarisonic. As indicated, detailsof this unique new approach in the area of cosmetic facial surgery will follow.



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