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Non-Invasive Facelift, “OPERA Lift”

A Better, More Natural Face Lift by Lewis J. Obi M.D.


This treatment is enhanced with Your Adult Stem Cells and PRPAdult Stem Cell Treatment Can Be Added To This Procedure

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The New Face Lift With No Scaring!

Quickly Turn Back The Clock With The Non-Invasive OPERA Lift Face Lift, Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery.

Non-Invasive Facelift using Laser lipo, Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Transfer.Tighter Skin on your Face and Neck, Wrinkles and Fine Lines Gone, Without Expensive and Invasive Surgery! And, a Faster Recovery with Less Bruising. It’s Called “OPERA Lift” and it’s Only Available at Obi Plastic Surgery.

What Exactly Is The OPERA Lift Face Lift?

The OPERA Lift Face Lift is an entirely new concept in facelift surgery all together. Instead of highly invasive surgery that creates unavoidable scars, extensive bruising and often requirs months to enjoy the full benefits, the OPERA Lift brings the latest technology in plastic surgery to the patient. A combination of delicate laser liposuction / skin tightening, adult stem cell enriched fat transfer and Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) all combine to gracefully remove years of aging from your face and neck without invasive surgery. The benefits are immense; The procedure is considerably less expensive than traditional facelift surgery, there is no scaring because there are no incisions required. Bruising is greatly reduced with PRP, and downtime is reduced from 2-3 weeks for traditional facelift surgery to 7-10 days with the OPERA Lift Major and as little as 3 days for the OPERA Lift Minor.

The following information explains the multiple techniques and technology that make up the OPERA Lift Face Lift.

Important Background Information About The OPERA Lift

The Benefits of Laser Liposuction

The concept of the OPERA Lift was first suggested by Dr. Obi while partnering with Palomar Medical Technology, Inc. in the development of SlimLipo | LifeSculpt™ Laser Liposuction, (Originally focused on Body Contouring). Because laser liposuction only needed a 1/8 inch incision, and because the SlimLipo | LifeSculpt™ laser delicately melted fat while simultaneously tightening the skin, Dr. Obi realized it’s value in facial plastic surgery, primarily neck lifts and how it could be used to safely remove excess fat from the neck while effectively tightening the skin in a non-surgical way.

The Refining Advantages of Stem Cell Fat Transfer

Stem Cell Fat Transfer is another highly advanced process that makes up the OPERA Lift. Dr. Obi uses the Adivive Fat Processing Unit to prepare a small amount of the patient’s unwanted body fat which is then enriched with the patient’s own adult stem cells to help the fat survive the transfer process. The processed / enriched fat is then injected to replace lost facial fat and remove sunken areas of the temples, checks and jawline, and other areas to sculpt, reshape and recreate a younger more youthful appearance.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) And How Does It Help?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrated source of autologous, (your own) blood platelets, PRP contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue. The use of PRP greatly aids in the healing process and the reduction of bruising and swelling. Learn More about PRP >>

The OPERA Lift Major

OPERA Lift Major provides a larger volume Enriched Fat Transfer, (40 to 80 cc) of Adivive Stem Cell Fat transferred to the face. The Major also includes SlimLipo | LifeSculpt™ of the neck. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) produced from the patients blood is added to enhance the Adivive fat transfer to reduce bruising and promote healing. While this is a non-invasive procedure, general anesthesia is not required, (which also reduces costs). However, intravenous nurse sedation is required. Patients often elect to combine the LJO brow lift which is a minimally invasive 10 minute procedure that addresses the appearance of the forehead or brow. This combination of non-invasive procedures provides the patient with a total rejuvenation of the brow, mid-facial area and neck at a significantly less expensive cost compared to traditional face and neck lift surgery, and again with much less downtime.

OPERA Lift Face Lift Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida

The OPERA Lift Minor

OPERA LIFT MINOR is a procedure that is performed with preoperative sedation, (Valium or Percocet) and local anesthesia only. As with the Major, SlimLipo | LifeSculpt™ is used to remove excess fat and tighten the skin. Adivive processed fat is prepared and enriched with adult stem cells, and a smaller volume (under 40 cc) is injected into areas of the face to restore a younger more youthful appearance. Most patients may return to work within 3 to 5 days.

OPERA Lift Facelift Minor Exclusively at Obi Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida

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