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Mommy Makeover

Breast and Body Makeover by Lewis J. Obi M.D.


This treatment is enhanced with Your Adult Stem Cells and PRPAdult Stem Cell Treatment Can Be Added To This Procedure

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Learn More About the Natrelle "Gummy Bear" Shaped Gel Implant

New Gentle and Cost Effective Techniques that Will Reshape Your Breasts, Tone Your Stomach and Waist, And Even Tighten Skin Stretched During Pregnancy!

Advanced Technology and Minimally Invasive Procedures with No Scaring to You Stomach or Breasts, Little or No Bruising and a Speedy Recovery!

Mommy Makeover in Jacksonville by Lewis J. Obi at Obi Plastic Surgery

Having a baby is without question one of the most joyful times in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, it can also take a significant toll on your body. Especially if a mommy has more than one child. During pregnancy, all kinds of things happen to help the baby grow that temporarily benefit mommy also. But after the baby is born, mothers often find it difficult to return to their former shape. This is where amazing new technology coupled with the knowledge and experience of Dr. Lewis J. Obi can help.

While many plastic surgeons are still relying on textbook procedures and techniques for traditional tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and breast lifts, Dr. Obi has introduced an advanced technique that uses minimally invasive laser lipo to remove stubborn fat, and your own stem cells derived from that fat to transfer it to reshape and rebuild your breasts, naturally without the need for implants. And all of this can be done with little or no scaring, bruising or downtime, and for about the same cost and in some cases less than traditional invasive plastic surgery techniques.

How The Most Advanced Surgical Technologies Combine to Create The New Mommy Makeover:

Let’s get more specific. Every patient is different and may require or desire enhancement of varying degrees to different areas of her body. Since a “Mommy Makeover” is a combination of procedures and treatments, you will discuss your areas of concern with Dr. Obi during your consultation, which allows Dr. Obi to tailor your Mommy Makeover procedure to accurately achieve your desires and goals.

Breast Augmentation with Lift

Scarless Laser Breast Lift by Dr. Lewis J. ObiThe most exciting advancement in Breast Lift Surgery in decades! Traditional Breast Lift Surgery involves actually removing a section of skin from the lower portion of the breast, relocating the areola and nipple higher on the breast, often implants, and leaving visible scars. There is a much better way to accomplish the same goals without invasive surgery that leaves scars and requires weeks of healing! And Dr. Obi has safely and successfully performed this advanced procedure on hundreds of patients.

Dr. Obi uses multiple types of technology to perform a Scarless Laser Breast Lift:

  • The SlimLipo | LifeSculpt Laser is used to very carefully sculpt and reshape your breasts and tighten the skin that was stretched during pregnancy.
  • Then your own unwanted body fat is enhanced with your own stem cells to help it survive, and transferred to your breasts to return your breasts to their original size and shape.
  • Laser Stretch Mark Reduction is then used to reduce any stretch marks that occurred during pregnancy.

The end result is nothing short of amazing! You have your original, natural looking breasts back, without invasive surgery, without scars, without the need for implants, and without bruising and days and weeks of downtime.

Visit the Scarless Laser Breast Lift section of our web site to learn more about how this advanced multi-wavelenth Laser can quickly eliminate the results of pregnancy.

Laser Lipo Instead of a Tummy Tuck!

Laser Liposuction Body Sculpting in Jacksonville Florida by Dr. Lewis J. Obi.Most often when a woman consults with a plastic surgeon about removing stubborn unwanted fat from their tummy after pregnancy, a tummy tuck or traditional liposuction is recommended to remove fat and tighten skin that was stretched during pregnancy. But a tummy tuck is a very invasive procedure that removes excess skin, requires weeks of recovery, and leaves significant scaring. Traditional Liposuction while less invasive causes extensive bruising, requires weeks of recovery and does not tighten the skin.

Again, there is a much better way to achieve the same goals without invasive surgery that leaves scaring and requires weeks of recovery! Dr. Obi has helped countless mothers trim, tone and smooth their tummies after having a baby with SlimLipo | LifeSculpt.

Laser Liposuction perfromed with the Palomar SlimLipo | LifeSculpt Laser offers mommies huge benefits:

  • SlimLipo | LifeSculpt can be performed with local anesthesia, eliminating the cost of an anesthesiologist.
  • SlimLipo | LifeSculpt creates NO VISIBLE SCARING! The Laser wand is less than 1/8″ in diameter. Stiches are not even needed.
  • SlimLipo | LifeSculpt creates little or no bruising.
  • SlimLipo | LifeSculpt actually tightens the skin in the treated area serving to firm and tone the tummy.

SlimLipo | LifeSculpt allows mommies to have their pre-pregnancy tummy back, even better than before without unsightly scars, bruising, and weeks of recovery. Most SlimLipo | LifeSculpt patients return to work the next day.

Visit the Body Sculpting With Laser Lipo page of our web site to learn more about SlimLipo | LifeSculpt.

Trim and Tone With Laser Lipo

Slim Lipo | Lifesculpt is a safe form of lipo performed under local anesthesia that melts fat and tightens the skin at the same time.SlimLipo | LifeSculpt is a very delicate treatment that can be used to remove unwanted fat from almost any area of the body. Stubborn fat in your hips and thighs, back and even knees can be removed with the SlimLipo | LifeSculpt Laser.

The hidden benefit of a full Mommy Makeover is the combination of treatments. By combining the Scarless Laser Breast Lift, with SlimLipo | LifeSculpt for multiple areas of your body, patients can save thousands of dollars over the cost of traditional treatments, or having multiple procedures at different times.

SlimLipo | LifeSculpt allows mommies to have their pre-pregnancy tummy back, even better than before without unsightly scars, bruising, and weeks of recovery. Most SlimLipo | LifeSculpt patients return to work the next day.

Visit the Body Contouring page of our web site to learn more about the advantages of SlimLipo | LifeSculpt.

See The Results of your Mommy Makeover… “BEFORE” Surgery!

See your Plastic Surgery Results Before SurgeryA huge benefit for Dr. Obi’s patients is the VECTRA XT 3D Imaging Platform. This amazing system will photograph you from six different angles and create a virtual image of you and your body. Dr. Obi will then show you how “You” and “Your Body” will adjust the “3D Virtual You” based on the desires you have expressed about how you would like to improve your body. This allows you to know exactly how you will look after surgery. Best of all, this fantastic peek into your future is included as part of your initial consultation with Dr. Obi!

For the Safest and Most Advanced Plastic Surgery.

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