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SlimLipo Laser Liposuction & Skin Tightening

SlimLipo Removes Unwanted Fat, Provides Smoother Results and Tightens Skin with Little to No Downtime

SlimLipo in the Media

Dr. Obi's Appearance on WJXT-4, Jacksonville's Morning Show for SlimLipo

Photos Courtesy of Palomar SlimLipo David Kent, MD, Jeff Angobalolo, MD and Phillip Craft, MD.

SlimLipo, also known as LifeSculpt is unlike other laser or liposuction treatment in Jacksonville, Florida! The SlimLipo™ Procedure uses advanced technology to deliver dual wavelengths of laser light, specifically designed to easily melt fat in large areas - with less downtime, little to no bruising, and remarkable results. This means you will be on your way to a slimmer "you" in no time!

Unlike traditional liposuction, SlimLipo™ is an effective device for melting fat and not simply tearing through tissue structure of your body. The result is less body trauma and significant fat removal and dermal heating. The heating of dermal tissue has been shown to have skin tightening results which is an amazing outcome. Dr. Obi is proud to pioneer and offer this breakthrough liposuction procedure to his current and potential patients in Northeast Florida! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Obi today and find out more information about SlimLipo Liposuction!

SlimLipo, also known as LifeSculpt, Making National & International Headlines

On March 17th, 2010, Dr. Kenneth Rothaus of New York City, a colleague of Dr. Obi's, was featured on the Dr. Oz show performing SlimLipo of the neck. To learn more about SlimLipo, please continue reading below and be sure to read Dr. Obi's blog at http://obiplasticsurgery.blogspot.com.

How Much Does SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Cost?

Like so many of our patients, you may wonder, "How much is SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)?" Visit our SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)”. Costs page and explore how much your procedure may be, what the downtimes may be and about combining LifeSculpt with other procedures.

» SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Costs

Liposuction Questions Answered by Dr. Obi


SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients have questions about SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) laser body sculpting procedures. We encourage you to contact our office if you have any questions regarding this procedure, we'll be happy to answer them and schedule your appointment with Dr. Obi.

How Much Does SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Cost?

SlimLipo costs can vary - not only from patient to patient but also depending upon where on the body the procedure if performed. Click here to explore a schedule of costs associated with SlimLipo (LifeSculpt).

What is the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) laser?

How can the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Procedure help me? The SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) laser is revolutionary because it utilizes an ideal “fat melting” laser wavelength. Via a few tiny incisions, this patented laser gently melts fat for removal from your body. With SlimLipo’s superior technology, you’ll experience little downtime — get ready to show off your new slimmer look in no time!

Click here to view amazing before and after photos of Dr. Obi's SlimLipo patients!

What does S-L-I-M stand for?

Selective Laser Induced Melting

What results can I expect from SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)?

Dramatic, slimmer results. Everyone is unique and so are their results and recovery time. But for the most part, you can expect to see a more slimmer "you" in no time. — take a look at our remarkable before and after photos.

Which parts of my body can be treated with SlimLipo (LifeSculpt)?

Any areas of unwanted fat — including your tummy, waist, hips, thigh, knees, buttocks, arms, abdomen, male chest, love handles and under your chin can be treated with SlimLipo™. You should make an appointment with our Jacksonville plastic surgeon, Dr. Obi and discuss your problem areas and see if LifeSculpt is right for you!

Is SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) just for women?

No way! The SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) procedure is for both women and men who have areas of unwanted fat.

How fast is the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Procedure?

The SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Procedure is fast — often under an hour for a given area. But typically, appointments vary from patient to patient. There is also a pre-procedure preparation where the physician will perform an evaluation and go over any questions. This is something you should discuss with Dr. Obi if you are concerned about time.

How many treatments of SlimLipo™ will I need?

Typically, one SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) treatment is enough for a given area but all patients vary. When you schedule your consult with Dr. Obi, he will discuss SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) treatment options as well as recovery time. He will also be able to answer any questions you have about receiving a SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) treatment.

What does the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) treatment feel like?

You may be pleasantly surprised how little discomfort the typical patient feels from the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt). Our state-of-the-art SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) system has been carefully designed to ease unnecessary trauma to the body and Dr. Obi will help choose the anesthesia that is most appropriate for you. The procedure is done in the comfort of our own ambulatory center, the Samuel Wells Surgicenter, in your own private room. Be sure to tell Dr. Obi your concerns about any discomfort, he will be happy to discuss these concerns with you.

Is SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) different from traditional liposuction?

Yes, very different. Traditional liposuction leaves larger scars, causes more bleeding and more post-treatment pain, and requires longer healing times than the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt). Also, traditional liposuction physically breaks up and suctions out intact fat cells, while the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) efficiently melts and liquefies fat, which is then gently removed from your body. Answered simply: SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) is easier on your body than the traditional liposuction method. Call today to make an appointment with Dr. Obi and find out if SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) or traditional liposuction is better for you!

How long is the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) recovery time, and what should I expect?

Typically, the SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) procedure recovery time is shorter than traditional liposuction. Many patients typically go to work the very next day. You may see slight bruising at the small incision sites, which may take several weeks to completely resolve. Compression garments may be required for a short period of time. Ask Dr. Obi about post-procedure instructions and what you should expect during your recovery period after LifeSculpt.

SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Procedure - The Easiest Way to Look Better Today

Contact the Obi Plastic Surgery Center in Jacksonville for more information about SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) Liposuction and schedule your SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) consult with Dr. Obi today!

Photo Gallery

View our SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) photo gallery

SlimLipo Can Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating

Recently, the doctors at Palomar Medical had a breakthrough discovery for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating, also know as axiliary hyperhidrosis. Through the use of the SlimLipo laser lipolysis, the sweat glands in the underarm pit area are abolished. And since the underarm sweat glands reside in the axillary fat cells, the SlimLipo is a very successful and effective ablative treatment.

Traditionally, doctors have treated excessive armpit sweat through the use of Botox. Although this is an effective method, the procedure is not permanent and can prove to be costly if needing treatments every six months or so. The SlimLipo laser is not only cost-effective but can have more permanent results than Botox treatments for underarm perspiration. Schedule your consultation for an axillary hyperhidrosis treatment through SlimLipo.

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