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Dr. Lewis Obi continues to bring to Jacksonville the most advanced and innovative techniques and technology in the vast world
of plastic surgery. His clinical acumen combined with his artistic skills is reflective in all of his work. Lewis Obi MD, FRSA is unique among
his colleagues in pioneering stem cell clinical applications, developing non invasive laser treatments and 3D imaging assessments.

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The Lewis Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the premier centers in the United States and the leading center in Jacksonville. During the past five years, Dr. Obi, a board certified plastic surgeon, has been pivotal in developing new laser technology, stem cell clinical techniques and a host of advanced plastic surgery procedures. Because of his cutting edge accomplishments, he has lectured and taught at more than twenty major regional, national and international plastic surgery gatherings. Dr. Lewis Obi has been in the number one position for the “Top Docs” issue of Jacksonville magazine in both the 2013 and 2014 publications and is also featured as a national leader in plastic surgery by Plastic Surgery Practice international.

Cutting-edge Plastic Surgery Procedures

New Techniques in Plastic SurgeryDr. Lewis Obi, was the first to introduce SlimLipo, Icon and Vectus lasers to Jacksonville. Also he was the first to introduce Natrelle 410 Gummy Bear breast implants and the Vectra XT 3D imaging. The LJO brow lift procedure performed on 3000 patients is unique in his practice as well as the laser/stem cell OPERA LIFT. Dr. Obi was the first plastic surgeon in the United States to introduce the FDA approved Adivive Fat Processing Unit for stem cell fat grafting and also for the isolation of stromal vascular fraction (SVF adult stem cells). This led Dr. Lewis Obi to join the IRB with the Cell Surgical Network of California last year. His Cell Surgical Network of Florida will offer a host of stem cell therapies in conjunction with multiple surgical specialists in the near future (link to our CSN page). On January 14th of 2014, Dr. Lewis Obi was the lead speaker on cellular science at the annual international meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. All of these advances has allowed us to provide you with the most advanced and minimally invasive aesthetic techniques with less down-time and lower cost. Plastic Surgery in the New Age and the New Economy has been a key theme of many of Dr. Lewis Obi’s international lectures.

Our goal at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is to help you achieve the beautiful and natural results you desire and to fully inform you so you may make understand and acquire your realistic goals. Since we offer many procedures and choices not offered through traditional plastic surgery, be sure to explore all of our cosmetic and plastic surgery services.

Years of Professional Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Lewis Obi specializes in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and has professional memberships and certifications from the industries most respected associations & organizations:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Medical Association
  • Cell Surgical Network (California and Florida)
  • FRSA (Fellow Royal Society of Art)
  • Greater Jacksonville Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • IFATS (International Stem Cell)

Advanced Cosmetic Techniques for Beautiful Results

Patients come from around the world for the skils and services available at Obi Plastic SurgeryDr. Lewis Obi strives to stay abreast the latest plastic surgery techniques and procedures. He hasassisted in the culmination of some of the most pioneering and advanced aesthetic and cosmetic procedures and is recognized as one of the industries most respected surgeons. The following reviews and opinions are an extension of of Dr. Obi’s committment to excellence and his care and concern for anyone who is considering Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery:

Top Countries for Plastic Surgery? We are #1

Taken from a Special Kim Painter article for USA Today - February 5, 2013

The USA remains the plastic surgery capital of the world when it comes to sheer numbers of lifts, tucks and implants....read more.

Upper Lid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Eyebrow Ptosis, and Lateral Hooding

A review of current surgical procedures in the plastic surgery literature in comparison to the “LJO” browlift....read more.


In his blog of September 6, 2012, Dr. Lewis Obi presented a comprehensive review of the Style 410 “Gummy Bear” breast implants....read more.

SlimLipo, also known as LifeSculpt

SlimLipo, also known as LifeSculpt is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction is powered by dual wavelengths of laser light that melts fat in large areas, tightens the skin and results in considerably less downtime by the patient.

Adivive (Lipokit) Autologous Fat Transfer

Adivive (Lipokit) Autologous Fat Transfer is a pioneering breakthrough that takes unwanted fat, filters the fat, which can then be used in reconstructive or cosmetic procedures. This method typically produces much longer lasting results than typical fat transfer procedures.


The OPERA Lift is the latest in non invasive facelift procedures pioneered exclusively by Dr. Obi in collaboration with Palomar Medical Technology’s SlimLipo laser. This non invasive facelift results in less down time and costs for patients.

LJO Brow Lift

The LJO Brow Lift is a pure innovation of Dr. Lewis Obi which he first performed more than 30 years ago. He has successfully completed this procedure on 3000 patient’s (6000 brows) and is the only proprietary brow lift that avoids scarring and distortion.

Laser Enhanced Breast Augmentation + Scarless Breast Lift

Another plastic surgery first for Dr. Lewis Obi who presented his early cases to his colleagues at an advanced symposium almost four years ago. Palomar’s SlimLipo platform is utilized in patients seeking treatment of moderate breast sag and who are also in need of breast implants. Noticeable scars that result from a surgical breast lift are avoided with the use of the skin tightening SlimLipo laser platform. Both breast augmentation and skin brassiere tightening is accomplished through a short areolar incision which usually results in no noticeable scars. Crescent skin excisions along with internal pocket tailoring may also be utilized through the same areolar incision. The same SlimLipo laser platform may simultaneously be used to remove any unwanted fat from the outer chest as well as the abdomen thereby enhancing body aesthetics.

first coast living video
Cell Surgical Network of Florida

Gummy Bear Implants Now Available in Jacksonville,
at Obi Plastic Surgery!

Call 399-0905 or Click Here to schedule a consultation.

Visit our Gummy Bear Breast Implant Information Page to learn more about the Natrelle 410 Gummy Bear Implants.

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